Terms & Conditions

1. Attention: Please be informed that as some of the products are arranged for your order after you place the order. So, the price of some (or) are all of the products in your order may be little     more or less than the prices listed on the website. But Guaranteeing, " Not more than the MRP ". If you are not satisfied with the prices of products, you can cancel & return that products    when you receive the delivery of the same.

NOTE: All the orders from outside the KURNOOL city of Andhra Pradesh State of India are served on Prepaid basis only and the Shipping/Courier charges are also applicable.

2. Be informed that the Salt & Pepper Retail has its own architecture of Operational Functioning including Product designing, Packaging, Marketing, Pricing, Adopting Shelf Life Span     based on Indian or International acceptable standards, Stock Organizing & FIFO Inventory Arrangement. No complains and comparisons are considered about any of the mentioned     company policies / rules.

3. Except Salt & Pepper Retail, under any circumstances no one is permitted or has any kind of right to redesign, represent, re-sale or re-market some or any of our products. Doing so     will be strictly considered as a extreme criminal offence and will be legally prosecuted to a maximum extent.

4. After reading this column, the Salt & Pepper Retail believes that the Customers are fairly cautioned and are clearly notified that they do not to purchase any of the Salt & Pepper     Retail's products from any third party (including any of the Salt & Pepper Retail employees) with or without the Order Invoice. For such transactions the Salt & Pepper Retail or any     of its owners, business partners, employees, staff, workers & management bears no responsibility for any kind of direct or indirect loss(es) incurred and are not liable for any legal     action or charges. Hence, any kind of charges booked on any of the mentioned people shall disqualify according to these terms and may stand invalid and be rejected.

5. Dear customer, when you open a product(s), if you find any kind of foreign particles, any unexpected substances, germs, bacteria or insects inside the product(s), you are strongly advised not to use the product(s) & inform the same to the Customer Service Team by calling on 08518 - 246 339 or +91 9642 80 9970 or by writing to     care@saltandpepperretail.com along with any photos of the spoiled product and / or the spoiled product itself. The needful will be done to replace / exchange the product as     required according to company Exchange & Return Policy.  

6. Finally, by registering to Salt & Pepper Retail website (An Online Shopping Store) you agree to all of its Terms & Conditions that are updated timely with or without notice to you.     So, you are humbly requested to carefully read and understand all the Terms & Conditions of the organisation to avail its services, before you register.  After giving your commitment     to these Terms & Conditions, it has become an obligation for us to assure you of the best services at all times & all our motto is to gain & retain your trust and confidence in us.

7. The Product Images shown / displayed on the website are only for illustration purpose. Real products & packaging may vary with the images.

                                                                         PRIVACY POLICY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Salt & Pepper Retail assures you that it will not reveal, sell, carelessly handle or forward any part / full of your personal information to any person or business entity voluntarily or involuntarily without your written consent / approval. All the necessary measures have been taken to ensure that the Customers Privacy & Personal Information are better protected. But at the same time for whatsoever reason it may be, it declares that the organisation or any of its owners, business partners, employees, workers and staff of any rank is not directly or indirectly responsible for any kind of unfortunate data pulling by Cyber Crime Activities. All the issues regarding must be dealt only within the KURNOOL City jurisdiction.

                                                            EXCHANGE & RETURN POLICY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1. All the unused and un-tampered products like Mobile Recharge Cards, DTH Recharge Cards are fully refunded (without any questions asked) within 5 Days from the date of Invoice.

2. Only the branded packaged products that are not opened, damaged or used (whose seal is not broken) can only be exchanged within 5 days from the date of Invoice. (No REFUND).

Note: Strictly no exchange or refund is entertained after the corresponding stipulated period laid above or if any of the above policies is violated.

                                                                   DELIVERY INFORMATION                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          The Salt & Pepper Retail assures you that only the High Quality Products & Services are delivered to each & every customer, irrespective of the Order size, value & frequency. At Salt & Pepper Retail's packaging & dispatching facility, every necessary check is done TWICE to ensure that every Order is packed with the Right Product(s), Right Quantity, Right Weight & in Good Condition is delivered by our well mannered and disciplined delivery staff to our incredibly valuable customers on its scheduled due time (unless if there are any unfavorable logistics conditions like Public Strikes, Road Blockades, Bandhs, Social Unrest, Riots, etc.,). As a CAUTION, we also consider the undeniable Human nature of committing mistakes, we sincerely apologize for any mistakes & errors that might occur any time in future and humbly request to our each & every honored customer to help us serve them ' Better than the Best ' by informing us of any shortfall in the above made Delivery Quality Promise. Even if for some reason you are not satisfied with any of the products you have received, kindly see our EXCHANGE & RETURN Policy and can also write to : care@saltandpepperretail.com

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